The Green Spa is a professional grade salon and spa provider, offering services typically only found in metropolitan areas of Europe, America, and parts of Africa and Asia.  Our technicians are trained in the latest salon techniques, and provide expert level services in a variety of specializations (such as, waxing, aromatherapy massage and facials, highlights, and more).  We maintain impeccably clean working space, and are inspected and certified by Military Medical Teams regularly and we operate our salon with the highest ethical standards.  In support of these statements we can provide a copies of the health inspections and service standards, with recommendations from many of our patrons in Kabul.

We are also able to offer designer and top brand products that are commonly available in Western salons, yet typically completely unavailable in Afghanistan.  These products include such things as nail repair solutions and polishes, designer conditioners and shampoos, hair care products, and bath and shower products (sponges, brushes, etc.).

Services to be Provided

We propose the following services to be offered at this location:

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Barber and Hair Salon Services

Initially two to three stations

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Massage/Waxing/Facial Services

Initially three to four stations

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Manicure/Pedicure Services

Initially one portable station

The type of services we provide are tailored by the request and requirements of the Command where we are located. The number of stations for each service is determined based on size of the proposed location for the Salon.

Other Services

If there is a service not listed below, or a product you would prefer, please speak to management or contact us at the email address listed above, and we do our best to accommodate your needs.

Services to be Provided